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Tested and approved, Inexx Networking provides the market with one of the largest affiliate programs of today, proven by experts, our system has the ability to produce results quickly and simply, generating more and more opportunities for people with or without experience in the market of digital assets.

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Studies point out that the cryptomarket grows to booming proportions, becoming increasingly attractive and gaining the attention of the general public. Based on these data, Inexx Networking is born with the purpose of facilitating communication and propagating the crypto-currency market, using the Inexx Club Exchange intermedia platform, a simple and secure platform. Ever wondered, even with no experience to start your career in this incredible market?


The Inexx Club exchange platform enables investors and the intermediation and trading of digital assets! It presents itself to this market as a simple, safe and fast platform. Total focused on providing the user with a real and high performance experience.


Developed by a specialized team, BTC PRO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SOFTWARE is an algorithm that has the most advanced technological capabilities available in the market. In real time, it is possible to analyze market trends, identify the best opportunities and moments to realize the purchase and sale of digital assets.


Bitcoin's cloud mining, allows users to buy hardware mining power from remote data centers, that is, lease the mining service from companies that have the right equipment to mine Bitcoins.

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